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Sample Cup 03
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Plastic Sample Cup Suit German TECO Labor Cruor Single Channel Coagulometer


Product Description:

TECO Cup are suit for German TECO single Channel Coagulometer, Its material is PS, with high definition and not fragile. Labor Cup are suit for German Labor single Channel Coagulometer, PS, High transparency. Cruor Cup are suit Spain Cruor Apparantus Coagulometer.


Product Features:

— Made of clean PP material, thin wall and uniform thickness can keep good heat transfer .

— 0.2ml strips is available in two types: Transparent and white, respectively applicable to normal PCR and real-time PCR (qPCR) reaction.

— Good sealing performance of the 8-strip while lid closed. Easy to open the cap without contamination.

— Adapted to PCR instrument with corresponding module.

— Sterilized by Gamma radiation.

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