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Blood Counting Chamber 01
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Hemacytometer Glass Blood Cell Neubauer Counting Chamber For School Lab & Hospital


Product Description:

The blood cell counting plate is used for microscopic counting of red and white blood cells in the human body,

it is also commonly used to calculate the number of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, yeast, etc., and is a common biological tool.

Made of fine thick glass. Each counter plate is divided into two identical counting cells by H-shaped grooves.

There is a support column on each side of the counting pool,

and a special special cover glass is covered thereon to form a counting pool with a height of 0.10 mm.

The counting pool is painted with squares of length and width of 3.0mm, divided into 9 large squares, each large area is 1.0mm2.

The volume is 0.1mm (ul), and the large square is divided into 25 by double lines. The middle square, located in the middle and the four corners of the four corners,

the red blood cell count area, which is divided into 16 small squares by a single line.

According to the International Bureau of Standards (NBS), the allowable error of each side of the large square is ±1%.

The four large squares of the four corners are white blood cell counting areas, which are divided into 16 squares by a single line.


Product Features:

1.Cell depth:0.100mm±2%.



4.Ruling Pattern: Improved Neubauer,1/400 Square mm.

5.The Neubauer Counting Chamber is diamond etched and has a double improved Neubauer Ruling, meeting the most demanding of standards.


Product Specifications:

Product Name:

Hemacytometer Blood Cell Neubauer Counting Chamber for School Chemical Lab & Hospital with Promotion Price

Product No:


Details Cell Depth:

0.100mm+/-2% (1/10mm)


0.1 microliter






School chemical lab&hospital


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