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Filter Paper And Cell Strainer
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Laboratory Plastic 40um 70um 100um Nylon Mesh Sterile Cell Filter Strainer



Cell filters filter screen (cells) made from polypropylene frame, special nylon mesh screen combination, common specifications have 40 microns, 70 microns, 100 mu m three kinds of mesh size, cells of hole through specialized processing filter filter laser punching machine to play, cell filter its working principle is a laser beam laser drilling is highly concentrated in space and time, The spot diameter can be reduced to the micron level to obtain high power density, and laser drilling can be carried out on almost any material. The biggest advantage is no burr, no edge sealing, no residue, smooth incision, laser perforated cell filter hole, perforated size is the same, if there is burr or uneven surface, the next process will be very troublesome, and laser processing to make the later processing faster, better quality.


  1. Color:Withe,Yellow,Blue
  2. Mesh Material: Nylon
  3. Housing material:Plastic
  4. Application:During primary culture, cell clusters were broken up to obtain a single cell suspension.
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