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Filter Paper And Cell Strainer 03
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Slow Medium Fast 7cm 9cm 11cm 12.5cm 15cm 18cm Qualitative Filter Paper For Laboratory Test



Qualitative analysis filter residue ash more commonly, is only for general qualitative analysis and used to filter the precipitation or suspended solids in the solution used, cannot be used for quality analysis and qualitative analysis filter paper chromatography is mainly used as supporter in paper chromatography, for the qualitative separation chromatographic qualitative analysis of the object under test no. 1 and no. 3, two kinds of filter paper, each is divided into fast and slow three at a moderate speed



  1. Qualitative analysis pretreatment;
  2. Filtration of precipitates, such as ferric hydroxide, lead sulphate, calcium carbonate;

3.Seed testing and soil analysisV

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