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Cryovial Tube 02
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Labratory Disposables PP Cryotube Sterile Cryovial Tube With Screw Cap



Freezer tube is divided into 0.5ml freezer tube, 1.8ml freezer tube, 5ml freezer tube, 10ml freezer tube, freezer tube also has plastic freezer tube, cell freezer tube, bacteria freezer tube and so on.


  1. Color:Different colors
  2. Material: PP
  3. Bottom:Free standing bottom or conical bottom
  4. Packing:300pcs/ctn
  5. Bag:Bulk packing or individual packing
  6. Application:It is used for low temperature storage of samples, such as whole blood, serum and cell samples

Thawing method

After taking out the refrigerated tube, put it into the 37 °C water tank immediately for quick thawing, shake the refrigerated tube gently to melt it all within 1 minute, and pay attention to the water level should not exceed the edge of the refrigerated tube cover, otherwise it is easy to pollute.


Details of cryotube:

Accinmed Cryotubes are made by Medical grade PP material, It can be stored at the Gas phase of Liquid Nitrogen, No leakage even in the lowest temperatures! We have different colors of caps onside the cryotubes. Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White etc.

The volume of the cryotubes available is: 0.5ml, 1.0ml, 1.5ml. 1.8ml, 2.0ml, 3.5ml, 4.5ml, 5.0ml,10.0ml

The cryotubes can be sterilized by EO gas or Gamma radiation. They can also be DNase & RNase free.

The cryotube 5ml has two belowing types, The normal one and the External & Internal screw cap one, The External and Internal screw cap ones can hold temperature low to -196 degree C.

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