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Centrifuge Tube 08
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White Transparent PCR Test 96 Well Reaction Plate Semi Skirted PCR Plate


Our 96-well PCR plate formats available in both low-profile and high-profile; semi-skirted and unskirted; clear and white color.


Product Features

  1. The 96 Well Reaction Plate is made of high-quality plastic materials and advanced processing technology, which is suitable for most automated laboratory instruments.
  2. The PCR Plates are free of DNase, RNase, and human DNA
  3. 96 non-skirt semi-skirt PCR plates provide the color in 0.1ml transparent and 0.1ml white, 0.2ml transparent and 0.2ml white, respectively.
  4. The alphanumeric code helps sample organization; the convex design around the hole prevents leakage.
  5. It has a very rigid, extra stalilized frame, and an elevated shirt
  6. It can be used for basic research, such as gene isolation, cloning and nucleic acid sequence analysis; Widely used in genetics, biochemistry, immunity, medicine and other fields.
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