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Centrifuge Tube 06
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Lab PCR Tube 0.2ml 1.5ml 0.5ml Microcentrifuge Conical Tube



  • High purity polypropylene
  • Autoclavable
  • Moulded Graduation
  • Frosted area on tube and cap
  • Certified RNase & DNase free, human DNA
  • Seals securely with one hand


Introduction for Microcentrifuge Tube

We have all series of microcentrifuge tubes from 0.1ml to 2ml, also have 8 strips and 4 strips pcr tube, and PCR plate 96wells, even 384 plate. The microcentrifuge tubes are designed to withstand high-speed centrifugal forces up to 17,000 rpm. The PCR tubes are produced in the super clean-grade room which are free in RNA&DNA.



  1. The tube is clamped tightly and kept closed. Flat top with writing surface are easy for identification of samples.
  2. The conical bottom design is suitable for most standard floor-standing centrifuges, with graduations in 0.5 ml increments and a transparent cover.
  3. Extensive quality checks to ensure the tube with consistent performance.
  4. The conical tubes have characteristic scale, writing area, pierceable lid, autoclavable and packaged in a zipper bag.
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