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Transparent White 96 Well Plastic Reaction 0.1ml 0.2ml PCR Plate With Semi Skirt


Product description


The PCR plate is a polymerase chain reaction (Polymerase Chain Reaction, PCR), which is mainly used as a carrier for the primers involved in the amplification reaction, Taq DNA polymerase, dNTP, template nucleic acid, Mg, buffer, etc.


1.High quality polypropylene (PP), good chemical resistance and heat-resistance;

2.Usage : Used for fungus, bacteria and microorganism culture.

3.Can be stacked up to save the space and good for lab environment.

4.Good compatibility, adapted to most of the machines.

5.E.O. sterile. 

6.Packed in sealing paper-plastic bag or plastic bag to prevent contamination.

7.Available in individual or bulk pack.



Ø Has a good chemical compatibility, complete plate, no bubble, no stripes, no spills, high mechanical strength, solid bond Department;

Ø Proteins and DNA will not adhere to PP, allowing for complete sample recovery.

Ø Natural color

Ø Make it easy to locate the notch design. Applicable to the identification system, HTS, master sampling and sample, mechanical sampling and automatically moved fluid system;

Ø Applicable to the biological field, such as PCR, RIA, EIA and cell culture, etc.;

Ø Applicable to most polar organic solvents, acid and alkaline solutions, laboratory liquid storage.

Ø Nonsterile and sterile available


Product Specifications

product name


0.1mL PCR 96-well no skirt PCR plate


0.2mL PCR 96-well no skirt PCR plate


0.1mL PCR 96-well half skirt PCR plate


0.2mL PCR 96-well half skirt PCR plate


0.1mL PCR 96-well full skirt PCR plate


0.2mL PCR 96-well full skirt PCR plate


384well PCR plate


96 Deep well PCR Plate 2.2ml


96 low well PCR Plate 1.2ml


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